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About Us


“r.plex” from SARAA MEDIA WORKS is a pioneer when it comes to an Innovative Hybrid digital entertainment. It has changed the usual trend of Indian Television by making it possible for every customer to have access to premium quality digital entertainment along with unlimited apps to enhance the viewing experience and User friendly in accessing everything under one location, using the tri-satellite technology that broadcasts Hi-Definition and Standard Definition signals. r.plex has taken the standards of television to incredible heights to satisfy technically enhancing masses.

Adding to the world class TV viewing experience, r.plex has given freedom to its customers to select channels of their choice, customize their own entertainment packages and pay just for the same and have the free hand to build their package to suit their taste and budget. Upping the entertainment quotient, r.plex also provides its customers with features like radio channels, electronic program guide, parental lock, capacity for more than 500+ channels and movies on demand.

r.plex was developed with a keen intention to satisfy its customer by constantly improves, modify and update to achieve the objective of optimizing customer’s satisfaction. Consistent with such objective, every initiative and every technological innovation at r.plex is driven with an effort to provide its customers the best possible services with a strict adherence to quality. Taking special care to ensure that all possible support is provided to the customers in the best and innovative manner, r.plex is the brand that was innovated by Saraa Media Works Pvt Ltd with an attitude of satisfying customer’s entertainment needs.