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Unbox to explore the magic of Unlimited Entertainment & Beyond

Linear TV

Offering 500+ Live TV channels on standard and high definition with following features.


  • Easy Navigation
  • Integrated EPG

  • Catch-Up TV

  • Mosaic

  • PiP

  • Multiple Audio

  • Subtitles

  • DLNA

  • PVR

Content on Demand

Instant movie, music and any other content with play, rewind, pause, subtitles and other functions without storage requirement compatible with r.plex. Movies are transformed to special formats using r.plex CoD encoding techniques. Content is then uploaded to storage cluster. r.plex’s streaming servers ensures the content provided is delivered to consumers on varied networks and platforms compatible with r.plex. Rate the content or choose the movie with the highest rating among your network.

Search by

  • Title

  • Year

  • Actor

  • Genre
  •  Free content

Filter by

  • Date

  • Name

  • Rating


  • Pay-per-view

  • Prepaid

  • Postpaid

  • Pay-per-minute

  • Free content

High Speed Internet Browsing

Browsing the internet is available also on customers TV thanks to our r.plex set-top boxes with integrated web browser. Easy launch of the browser straight from the TV menu and many options how to browse the internet, whether it will be with our wireless keyboard, virtual keyboard or customers own accessories. Popular internet services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are within easy reach.


With several app based service providers, ranging in size to grab the attention of the consumer. r.plex offers an cost effective opportunity for these SMEs to acquire customers at a minimal cost. Also provides a platform where these providers can deploy their apps for a nominal monthly fees which will enable them to target the entire user base of r.plex. This model allows immediates access at attractive/affordable customer acquisition costs in contract to prevailing market rates. The fee charged per month is based on the memory requirements and CPU utilization per box residual basis.


r.plex offers advertiser to promote their product / offering to the consumers at an attractive cost per impression. r.plex has the ability to individually target “Never Missed” advertisement(s), provide analytics on the viewing pattern and consumer’s preferences. It also induces “emotional buys” for the advertisers.

“r.plex” … is what we have always wanted !